Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mankas Tapas Bar & Steakhouse Testimonial

Mankas Tapas & Steakhouse just catered my wedding at the Blue Victorian Winery last weekend! My biggest compliments to Chef Peter and company- they orchestrated our plated dinner with outstanding grace and elegance! 

Our menu: The hand-passed appetizers were a huge hit- .Abondigas with Tomato Jam and Basil Aioli, Vegetarian Summer Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce, Tuna Tartar with Fried Wonton and Watermelon! The simple and delicious spring salad with goat cheese and walnuts started the meal off on the right foot, and for entree guests chose between braised short rib with stone ground polenta, salmon with baby bok choy, black forbidden rice and ginger soy glaze or tofu "scallop" with pilaf. 

The guests said their food was hot and delicious! They especially liked the fish and beef short rib dishes. One of my guests told me that the service was so friendly- she was splashed with a small droplet of wine from a pour and the server at fault offered her own name and personal contact information should my guest want her blouse to be cleaned. My guest said that hardly any wine ended up on her blouse- just a tiny droplet, but still- I have never heard of such cordial service- really impressed!

Before the wedding, Chef Peter offered us a tasting dinner so that we could try all of the dishes we would have at the wedding. We edited our catering menu when we came for the tasting. With each edit, chef Peter was supportive and encouraging. 

Chef Peter also stopped by the Blue Vic with our wedding planner to make sure the venue had the proper set-up and equipment needed for smooth catering service.


We took my parents to Mankas Tapas and Steakhouse a couple of days before the wedding and had a late lunch- early dinner with them. My parents loved the food and wine. We were all especially impressed with the strawberry rubarb cobbler! My mouth is watering just thinking about it- he made a delicious cherry cobbler a few weeks ago that I also loved. Because we liked the cobbler so much, he actually brought out a little sample of local juicy fruit, apricot, and berries for us to try. If you are considering dessert at mankas, I definitely recommend the cobbler, if available - they always make it from local and seasonal fruit.

I really feel that Mankas Tapas & Steakhouse helped to make our special day 100x times more special with the stellar catering service- I was so thankful to hear that they worked with the venue and my wedding planner so gracefully to execute our delicious plated dinner. We'll be back some day!

Thanks Mankas Tapas & Steakhouse!

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