Monday, November 26, 2012

The Wines Of California Wine Country

As you head out to California wine country, chances are you are going there to see some of the wineries, in addition to the remarkable landscape. While you are there, you will find that there is more to the different styles of wines than a simple red or white wine. While these are essentially the standard blushes, we find that there will be more choices for you to select from along the way. It is important to know there are hundreds of different variations you can find, so we will look at the 7 most common styles you will find in the area.

In California wine country, the first style you will find is called Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a red wine that is perhaps the largest in the area. In fact, outside of this area, you will find that this is the top choice for many people in the world.

The second red wine that you might find is merlot. This is another red wine that has become a common dinner wine. Typically, it will only be used for this purpose and because it can have a smoky flavor, it is not often used as a conversational wine.

Along with these choices in red wine, you will find that California wine country also has a pinot noir that they offer. This style of wine has a rather fruity taste and is often considered to be a lighter choice of red wine.

A fourth style of red wine that is common in the area is Syrah is also the 7th most grown style of grape. It has a smoky flavored that blends well with smoked and peppered meats.

The last of the style of wines that can be found is the Zinfandel. This wine has enough sugar content that is can exceed the traditional 15% alcohol content that some of the other wines you can find. A sister plant with a semi rose color will produce the white wine variation you find in stores.

Of course, we also know there are some standard white wines that can be found in California as well. These wines are part of the 7 most common you will find in California wine country.

From this list, the first is chardonnay. This is a lighter wine that remains crisp when consumed. It blends perfectly with chicken and white fish. For most people, this will be their top choice in terms of white wine.

Sauvignon Blanc is the white variation of the red wine of the same name. This is considered to be a cheap wine that is often sold in bulk and at low prices. It will normally come with a screw cap and is not given time to mature as it has no impact on flavor.

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