Sunday, January 13, 2013

Choosing a Good Wine For a Steak Dinner

There are so many wines to choose from that it may be hard to choose one to go with the steak dinner you are planning. Steak is a hearty meal and you need a wine that pairs well with a hearty meat. The general rule is that red wine goes with red meat. Steak is a red meat and you should choose a drier red wine to serve with it.

A good dry red wine to serve with steak is Cabernet Sauvignon. You could also choose a burgundy like Pinot Noir because its full flavor will complement beef well. Your other choices are Italian red wines such as Barolo or Chianti.

When you serve red wine with a meal you should make sure that it is just below room temperature. Red wines benefit from aging so and older vintage may have a better flavor than a more recent vintage. Red wine needs to breathe before it is served so it should be poured into a carafe and allowed to sit for about a half an hour before serving. You can also use wide wine glasses to allow the wine to breathe a little before serving.

Choosing the right wine is all about personal tastes. If there is a wine that you like better than the ones listed feel free to try it with your steak dinner. If you are having an appetizer then you should select a wine that pairs well with the appetizer to start your meal. If you have a cheese appetizer then have a crisp and fruity wine to start the meal.

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