Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Setup a Dinner Date - The Classic First Night Out

Most dating relationships start with dinner. How to set the dinner up could help your odds at a second date. The first step is to have someone in mind. This is for more than just the obvious reasons. Knowing who you are taking to dinner will play a crucial role and picking where to go. Are they a vegetarian or allergic to something? Do they like dark lighting or brighter? Do they dislike crowds? Have the things that will make your date comfortable in mind when you pick the restaurant.

Next most important thing for a dinner date is to know where you are going. Make sure that you have been to the restaurant before. This will eliminate any potential problems. You will know if you can afford it, if you need a reservation or night, and how to get there. You will also be able to inform your date of what kind of clothing will be appropriate. Another nice thing about going to the restaurant before hand is that you can scope out the best seats. Ask the host or hostess if you can reserve a specific table in advance. Some restaurants are used to people who are dating making those kinds of requests.

A potentially embarrassing moment for a dinner date is being late. Be on time to greet your date and to make the reservation. If you drove there separately, make sure you have gone over how to get there together so no one gets lost. Also, make sure that you have clearly established the time and meeting place. Few things in dating feel worse than wandering around wondering if you've been stood up. Having all of the fine details worked out before hand can put you at ease. Being able to relax and have fun on your date is very important.

The final thing to remember for your dinner date is your manners. How you act in front of your friends isn't always the best in front of a date. Even the nicest restaurant cannot save you from chewing with your mouth open. Don't talk with your mouth full and if you laugh, put your hand in front of your mouth. Your napkin will keep your face and your nice clothes clean. You won't get a good night hug if your date is worried about getting food on their outfit. Order something off the menu that you will eat most of and will less likely to drip onto your shirt. A steak and vegetables can be eaten cleaning with a fork. Spaghetti will aim a nasty red stain at your best outfit. Dating is not kind to stains.

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