Friday, March 8, 2013

Get Out to Eat For Your Anniversary

When you're married, you've made a commitment that should last the rest of your life. Every year, it's great to honor and celebrate that commitment by doing something special with your spouse. While it would be wonderful to take a trip to a tropical location or plan a weekend getaway in the city, that can be an expensive proposition. And if you've got kids, a mortgage, and a car payment, dropping a lot of cash on a getaway might not be in the cards. Instead, you can spend a night out with someone in a chef coat, getting a meal that you and your loved one will remember. Many couples decide that going out to eat is a great thing to do on their anniversary, and with good reason. The combination of intimate conversation and great food is probably one of the things that led to you getting married in the first place!

One nice thing about this sort of tradition is you can either hit one of your favorite restaurants or try one of those places you've always wanted to go. If a restaurant is a little out of your normal price range, an anniversary is a great time to give it a shot. If your night out usually includes fast food (where they probably don't wear chef coats), then simply going anywhere that you place an order at the table would be a welcome change. For many, it's fun to go somewhere a little nicer so you can pull some more formal clothes out of the closet and dress up a bit.

Simply being able to sit down and focus all your attention on your spouse is probably the best thing about an anniversary dinner. Our lives are so hectic that even when we think we're spending time together in the same room, we're still probably doing separate things. When you're out to eat, you're only getting interrupted by your waiter or maybe someone in a chef jacket asking you how you like your meal. That gives you a chance to catch up a bit and remind yourself why you feel the way you do about your spouse. If it feels a little awkward at first, don't worry! You might be a little out of practice, but an anniversary dinner will get you back in the swing of things in no time.

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