Friday, February 28, 2014

Vezer Family Vineyards

Small lot production of award-winning, handcrafted wines, which are produced on the Vezer Family Estate in Suisun Valley, California, just 5 minutes from Napa County.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Ladies Night Tonight at Mankas Steakhouse!

Grab the girls and join Mankas Steakhouse every Tuesday for Ladies Night! Enjoy great food and drink specials along with LIVE music from the Beer Brothers!!
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See you there!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Treat Yourself To Fine Dining In The New Year!

You work so hard and come home so tired. Dinner is usually which ever fast food restaurant seems the least crowded. Make yourself a promise that you will treat yourself better in the New Year by going to a fine dining restaurant at least once a month. It doesn't have to be once a week - unless you want it to! But you want an upscale restaurant for sure.

Maybe you will try a brand new upscale restaurant in town and see how it compares to the ones you have already visited. You could say you are doing research! If this is what it takes to get you to treat yourself right, then more power to you. What would you like for your first venture? Are you into prime steaks? Wouldn't it be great to sink your teeth into a well prepared filet mignon or prime rib? It certainly would be better than that greasy hamburger you may have eaten on the run from the fast food place!

Even better, you are able to sit at a table with crisp white linen and let someone wait on you while you rest your weary feet. The service will be impeccable. And the sommelier suggests a glass of the house red to go with your steak. You feel like you have just joined the upper crust.

Maybe you won't order a steak but would like a dish that may be on the menu at a fine seafood restaurant. You will not order lobster, but they seem to have some trout and tilapia specialties. This time the sommelier suggests the house white to go with your ocean catch. It's okay if you choose the Zinfandel instead.

Since this is a fine dining restaurant do not be surprised if the owner or the top chef stops by your table to inquire how you are enjoying your meal. This is the thing about upscale dining. The restaurants live and die by word of mouth referrals. When you get back to work you will be telling everyone about your fine meal - but you were really impressed when a member of the staff took an interest in you and your experience.

While you wanted to make this a once-a-month treat, you liked the food, service and staff so much you decide to go more often. There were so many delicious sounding entrees on the menu you want to try each and every one. Whereas the prime steakhouse just serves steaks and the seafood restaurant just has fish, the fine dining restaurant you discovered gives you a choice of both. Plus you can try their duck, pork selections or specialty chicken. You will never run out of choices because they are always adding new, gourmet dishes.

Aren't you glad you decided to treat yourself to an upscale restaurant in the New Year? This has broadened your knowledge of good food and gives you more interesting dialogue to add to any conversation!

Gorman's Restaurant is an upscale, yet affordable restaurant in New Braunfels, TX. Award winning Executive Chef, Brent Gorman, is renowned for his creative menu development and extensive culinary knowledge and cooking of international and regional gourmet cuisine. New Braunfels Seafood Restaurant, New Braunfels Prime Steakhouse
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mankas Steakhouse Testimonial

"I came here yesterday for the very first time and have to say that I was extremely impressed. Everything from the menu to the service to the wine was fantastic and I look forward to coming back! 

My lunch consisted of the roasted caprese salad, which was absolutely delicious. I love that they use buffalo mozzarella, instead of just regular mozzarella. For my entree I had the truffle mac and cheese, which I highly reccomend if you're a fan of truffles! For dessert, my table shared the lava cake and cheese cake, both of which were superb. 

Last but not least, I have to mention how great the wine was. They even have a nice little wine tasting bar next door to the restaurant where we visited after our meal. 

Overall, I definitely enjoyed myself here and hope to return soon!" 

MANKAS Steakhouse 
2522 Mankas Corner Road 
Fairfield, CA 94534 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ordering Wine: How to Choose a Bottle of Wine in a Restaurant

Ordering wine: How to choose a bottle of wine in a restaurant

When you're handed the wine list at a restaurant, are you seized with panic, afraid you'll order wine incorrectly? Ray Isle, Senior Wine Editor at Food and Wine magazine shares his tips for how to choose a bottle of wine from a wine list.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Filet Mignon - The Gourmet Steak

Filet Mignon is a gourmet class of steak cut of beef which is the primary choice of the typical affluent beef lover. Filet mignon is carefully extracted from the tenderloin part of the animal and is a definite gourmet connoisseur's delight.

It would be helpful to understand how the famous filet mignon came into being. The word 'filet mignon' is borrowed from French where the word filet means a thick slice and the word mignon means a delicacy. The tenderloin part of the cow extends on both sides of the back bone on the backward side of the rib cage of the animal. This particular area of the animal does not bear weight, and so the flesh does not experience much exercise. Because of this filet mignon typically is a very tender and soft meat.

The only drawback of cutting it from the tenderloin area is that the steak lacks the flavor found in meat which has the bone attached, a fact ignored and sometimes loved by the affluent customer who swear by this beef steak. The tenderness of the filet is so connotative that it is sometimes referred to as a tender filet.

The filet mignon is typically cut with a thickness of about one or two inches and a diameter of about two to three inches. It is cooked in a variety of ways. Some prefer quickly grilling it but it is also possible to broil, pan-fry, roast or even sauté filet mignon. Filet mignon is a dryer cut of beef compared to other steaks. To see if it has been cooked well enough, it is necessary to touch the steak.

If the steak feels hard, it is too done. If it is soft enough to receive and imprint from the touch, it is done too rare. A compromise between the two states produces the best possible filet steak. In every form chosen, this version makes for a gourmet delicacy preferred and loved by the affluent diner world wide.

The filet Mignon of beef is also sometimes referred to as Medallions and Tenderloin Steak. It is sometimes misspelled as filet mignon and it is also called fillet steak in UK and Ireland. The filet mignon is the most tender cut of beef, and is also considered as the most expensive one. It is priced relatively very high as an average cow does not yield more than four to six pounds.

Sometimes it is sold whole as it is harvested from the cow. Usually it is available as one to two inch thick pre cut portions which are grilled and served as is. Bacon wrapped filets are also available in stores. In this format, the cut is wrapped with bacon after being cut into portions.

The purpose of wrapping in bacon is that it particularly lacks in fat because of the nature of the region of the animals body the steak is cut from. When it is wrapped in bacon, the bacon enhances the flavor by contributing the necessary fat which keeps the cut from drying out.

The filet is usually served with sauces which tend to go well with its mild flavor. It is either smothered in sauce or the sauce is used as a dip for the filet sauce. There are no specific sauces that are recommended as it tastes good with any particular sauce. The selection of sauces is solely dependent on the personal preference of the diner alone. Some people prefer a marinade to be used during cooking rather than have sauce during dining.

No matter where you have your filet mignon or in which form, this exceptional steak will change your convictions about the steak as a whole and take you into a new world of culinary delight.

Saman Rashid is an experienced writer. She has been writing articles and web copies since 3 years. To contact her, kindly visit
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Monday, February 10, 2014

The History of Valentine's Day

This is the day we celebrate love. In this video, we learn more about St. Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mankas Steakhouse's Banquet Offerings

Mankas Steakhouse is a historic site which has been beautifully restored for memorable events:
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Non-Profit Organizations
Private Gardens:
  • 25 - 150 People
Off-Site Venues:

Vezer Estates - Surrounded by rolling hills, one of the most stunning views in the valley.
  • 25 - 200 People

Blue Victorian - Step back 100 years in this elegantly restored Victorian home and barn, now Winery with Spectacular Barrel Room and Outdoor Tented area.
  • 25 - 200 People
For more information, please visit

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Great Reasons For Dining Out

Some people tend to dine out a lot, others tend to wait until a special occasion. It doesn't matter which type of person you are, it is very easy to find plenty of reasons for dining out.

Of course the one time most people are most likely to be dining out is when they are celebrating something. This could be a birthday, a promotion, a graduation, an anniversary, or anything else. You can come up with all sorts of things to celebrate if you need an excuse. There are actually websites that lists holidays for pretty much every day of the year. You can also celebrate the end or the beginning of the week, the fact that you made it through another day of work, or just the fact that you are alive.

Another good reason for dining out is so that you don't have to cook yourself. This means that you don't have to come up with an idea for what should be for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch). You don't have to go shopping for the ingredients, or spend the time preparing whatever menu you happen to have come up with. If you are short on time the fact that you can go out to eat is a real blessing. You don't have to stress out over getting dinner on the table.

Sometimes you might just want to eat out to limit the complaints about what is put on the table. It is actually pretty common that everyone in the family likes to eat different things. Invariably this means that someone will not be happy with what you put on the table or you will have to make multiple dishes for the meal or prepare the same few meals over and over. You can get a lot more variety while keeping everyone happy if you dine out since then everyone gets to choose their own dishes and they can get whatever they like.

It is also the case that sometimes you just need a treat, or need to be a bit pampered. Eating out can accomplish this, especially if you order a dish that is too difficult or time consuming for you to easily prepare at home, and end the meal with a delicious dessert. Just the fact that you didn't have to make the meal makes it a special experience, but indulging in special types of food can take this one step further.

For dining out guide, visit JP Pepperdine now.
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