Saturday, February 22, 2014

Treat Yourself To Fine Dining In The New Year!

You work so hard and come home so tired. Dinner is usually which ever fast food restaurant seems the least crowded. Make yourself a promise that you will treat yourself better in the New Year by going to a fine dining restaurant at least once a month. It doesn't have to be once a week - unless you want it to! But you want an upscale restaurant for sure.

Maybe you will try a brand new upscale restaurant in town and see how it compares to the ones you have already visited. You could say you are doing research! If this is what it takes to get you to treat yourself right, then more power to you. What would you like for your first venture? Are you into prime steaks? Wouldn't it be great to sink your teeth into a well prepared filet mignon or prime rib? It certainly would be better than that greasy hamburger you may have eaten on the run from the fast food place!

Even better, you are able to sit at a table with crisp white linen and let someone wait on you while you rest your weary feet. The service will be impeccable. And the sommelier suggests a glass of the house red to go with your steak. You feel like you have just joined the upper crust.

Maybe you won't order a steak but would like a dish that may be on the menu at a fine seafood restaurant. You will not order lobster, but they seem to have some trout and tilapia specialties. This time the sommelier suggests the house white to go with your ocean catch. It's okay if you choose the Zinfandel instead.

Since this is a fine dining restaurant do not be surprised if the owner or the top chef stops by your table to inquire how you are enjoying your meal. This is the thing about upscale dining. The restaurants live and die by word of mouth referrals. When you get back to work you will be telling everyone about your fine meal - but you were really impressed when a member of the staff took an interest in you and your experience.

While you wanted to make this a once-a-month treat, you liked the food, service and staff so much you decide to go more often. There were so many delicious sounding entrees on the menu you want to try each and every one. Whereas the prime steakhouse just serves steaks and the seafood restaurant just has fish, the fine dining restaurant you discovered gives you a choice of both. Plus you can try their duck, pork selections or specialty chicken. You will never run out of choices because they are always adding new, gourmet dishes.

Aren't you glad you decided to treat yourself to an upscale restaurant in the New Year? This has broadened your knowledge of good food and gives you more interesting dialogue to add to any conversation!

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