Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Ladies Night Tonight at Mankas Steakhouse!

Grab the girls and join Mankas Steakhouse every Tuesday for Ladies Night! Enjoy great food and drink specials along with LIVE music from the Beer Brothers!!
For more information please visit our website at http://mankassteakhouse.com/
See you there!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Grande A La Paris - Mankas Steak House Cocktail

Billy Kelly head bar tender at Mankas Steak House shows us how they make one of their signature cocktails. See more at http://www.mankassteakhouse.net

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Makes a Real Fine Dining Experience?

A fine dining experience is not just about top quality food. Going to a restaurant is about the experience, the atmosphere, attention to detail by wait staff, enjoyable conversation and sharing a meal with others. Having the best chef means a lot less if you have dirty glasses or inattentive service. Creating a perfect fine dining experience can be difficult as it means a lot more than just good food.

When you are out at a restaurant, there are a lot of thing that a server can do that will make or break your night out. From the moment they walk over the waiter should be able to read the table's 'mood'. Figuring out if a party of diners is a talkative bunch or looking for a more intimate service is crucial to making the table feel comfortable and to prevent the inevitable complaining as soon as the server turns their back. There is nothing worse when enjoying a conversation than the waiter interrupting and launching straight into introductions and the specials on the menu. A server who can pick up a table's vibe already has the advantage in making a great night.

Attention to detail is important. At a fine dining restaurant, you might not even notice how good the service is until after you have finished. Small things the servers do, like taking your plates away as soon as you have finished with them, discretely replacing cutlery between courses and wine glasses being consistently refilled. They aren't the things that you actively think about, but a good restaurant will know that your experience can be hampered by dirty plates cluttering a table and waiting with growing impatience for drinks.

A restaurant is meant to be a social experience, so encouraging conversation and making it easy for people to converse is crucial. The atmosphere of a room is incredibly important. Tables situated too close together with a lot of noise can make it difficult for a group to hear one another. This coupled with an intrusive server can interrupt the natural flow of conversation which becomes more and more noticeable throughout an evening.

With the right atmosphere and attentive staff, the food at a restaurant becomes the focus. Small, detailed portions with a wealth of interesting flavours will leave patrons wanting more.

There is nothing quite like a great night restaurant; the content feeling that lasts all evening and the experience shared with those who joined you; a perfect night of conversation in the best atmosphere over a great meal. A fine dining experience will stay with you a long time after the evening is over, and, if it is done right, you will want to repeat the night as soon as possible.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Select a Good Restaurant for Dining

Great food is something that is desired by every individual. Dining out has become a major trend nowadays. Rarely do you find families eating at home on weekends anymore as long waiting lists for tables at restaurants have become a common phenomenon.

Eating out is easy, quick and fun. Be it a family gets together, business lunch or kids birthday party, people are always planning outings to enjoy great food and conversation.

Restaurants today are buzzing with customers. As restaurants provide specialized menus and themes that suite every occasion, more and more customers are taking advantage.It seems that people everywhere are always on the lookout for great food in a comfortable atmosphere that they can tell their friends & family about.

So how do you know which type of restaurant is best for your occasion? Whether it's just a quick bite or a fine restaurant, we offer you a quick guide below to help you choose the perfect place. Following this information, you will see tips on how to select good dinners once you're sitting at the table.

Outdoor and Live Entertainment

Specialized restaurants are feature live entertainment, typically in an outdoor setting, like on a patio. These restaurants are perfect for friendly gatherings where everyone can enjoy a great meal together and enjoy the sights and sounds of live music entertainment. These restaurants usually offer table service and a good variety of dished to choose from. The atmosphere in these restaurants is full of energy with people conversing and the music playing. The next time you are looking to have a great time with a group of friends, opt for an outdoor and live entertainment experience.

Casual Dining

Casual dining usually represents fast food joints serving quick food through self-service. They do not typically offer table service and food is usually served in disposable plates and containers. Casual dines are best when you are on the go and need to grab a quick bite. They serve moderately priced food in a casual atmosphere. Cafes and tea houses also qualify in this category of casual dines. Casual dining establishments are ideal for students and friends getting together.

Fine Dining

A fine dining experience combines food and art together. It focuses more on the service, presentation, and giving a great overall dining experience to its guests. You typically need to be formally dressed in such restaurants as jeans and a t-shirt might make you feel a bit out of place. The service is top notch and the food is served with the utmost delicacy appealing as much to the eye as it does to your palate. Fine dines are usually priced higher than other dining establishments because the focus is not only on food but on the ambience too. Many people choose fine dining restaurants for a special occasion to make it a memorable experience. It is also the perfect setting for a romantic date.

Quality Dining

Quality dining establishments offer a specialty menu. For example: Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Barbeque or Indian. Typically, there are not a variety of different cuisines to choose from, only specific menu items from one region. Each Quality Dining restaurant represents a distinct facet of the restaurant industry and conveys its own personality. Like fine dining establishments, quality dining restaurants have a nice mood-setting ambience, genuine hospitality and a welcoming environment that keep customers coming back. It is the ideal restaurant when looking to have the authentic flavor of a specific cuisine. However, it lacks the variety of choices from different cuisines that a fine dining restaurant would serve.

Dining Restaurants

Dining restaurants are suitable for any casual setting. They are typically restaurants where you can sit down and enjoy your meal, as opposed to carryout restaurants that do not offer a seating area. Moderately priced, and typically high in variety, these dining restaurants are also suitable for kid parties and small get together.

How to Select a Good Dinners

Whether it's seafood, chicken, steak, or any other dish, below are some good guidelines to follow when ordering at the dinner table.

Seafood Dining

Ordering seafood dishes can be tricky, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Seafood can range from an endless list of fish platters to an assortment of different shellfish dishes. No matter what you end up choosing, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, find out the freshness of the seafood. It's simple, the fresher the catch, the better tasting it will be. You don't want seafood if you have to settle for a catch from a couple days ago. Be polite and ask the server if you are not sure.

Chicken Dining

Chicken dishes are very common in most restaurants, and the way they are prepared can vary a great deal. Ordering chicken is not complicated as long as you know the basics. When ordering chicken, beware of heavy sauces. Restaurants usually mask the poor quality of their chicken dishes with heavy sauces. A good restaurant uses sauces in moderation to simply blend together with the quality taste of the chicken.

Steak Dining

Steak is a man's best friend. Commonly found in restaurants, steak is usually paired with simple side items to make a meal. In choosing the right steak dinner, one thing to keep in mind is the different cuts of beef available. From sirloin to filet mignon, the cut of beef has the most to do with the texture and flavor of the steak. The second criteria to consider is how cooked you like your steak. Stick to well done for very thick cuts of beef and medium to medium-well for thinner cuts. Some people even prefer medium rare but be cautious of having a steak that is not fully cooked.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mankas Steakhouse's Specialties

You can't go wrong with one of Mankas Steakhouse's specialties! Available all day!  

Filet Mignon - 6 oz Served with our House Chimichurri Sauce 

Dry-Rubbed Baby Back Ribs - 1/2 Rack  Served with our Vezer Cabernet BBQ Sauce 

Steakhouse Hamburger  Add Bacon or Cheese for an additional charge 

Each is served with your choice of Pommes Frites, Sweet Potato Fries or Green Salad

2522 Mankas Corner Road
Fairfield, CA 94534

Monday thru Thursday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm | Friday & Saturday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
 Sunday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm | Ladies Night Every Tuesday

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Craving a Salad? Try One of Ours From Our Lunch Menu!

Are you craving a tasty salad for lunch? Drop in to Mankas Steakhouse and try one of the following salads from our new menu! You can also add steak, chicken, or shrimp to any salad for a small additional fee!
Mankas House Salad
Mixed Greens, Candied Walnuts, Diced Apples, Crumbled Point Reyes Blue Cheese & Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Wedge Salad
Baby Iceberg Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Neuskie Apple Wood Bacon & Avocado Dressing
Roasted Beet Salad
Roasted Beet Salad with Frisse, Orange Segments, Crumbled Goat Cheese & Beet Vinaigrette
Ahi Tuna Nicoise
with Bluelake Beans, Tomatoes, Nicoise Olives, Frisse, Yukon Potatoes & Sauce Ravigote
Little Gem Traditional Caesar
with Sour Dough Croutons, Parmesan Reggiano & House Made Caesar Dressing
MANKAS Steakhouse
2522 Mankas Corner Road
Fairfield, CA 94534

Monday thru Thursday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm | Friday & Saturday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
 Sunday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm | Ladies Night Every Tuesday

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wine Tasting Tips : Elements of Flavor in Wines

Wine tasting tips for beginners. Learn about the different elements of wine flavors in this free video from a wine sommelier.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Banquet Halls Are Great for All Parties

Banquet halls are places for rent, and you can find them in any city in this country. Some of them are large, and some are small. The thing they all have in common is that they are ideal for parties and celebrations. You can rent a place like this for any type of event, but there are certain things to consider when you choose one. You can host all types of events at places like this including wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events and anniversary parties.


You will want to make sure that you choose one that is the appropriate size for your event. Large banquet halls will cost more money to rent, and there is no point in renting a large one if you are planning a small party. On the other hand, you will not want to rent one that is really small if you are expecting hundreds of guests. This is one of the best questions to ask when you begin looking for one to rent. You can visit them or call them to find out the sizes and how many people will fit.


The catering offered is another thing you really need to look into before renting a hall. If you are planning on having all of the guests bring food to the party, you will need to make sure that this is even allowed. There are many halls that do not allow this. They have on-site catering services, and they require that you use these services if you rent the room. This could turn into a big mistake if you fail to check on this before renting it.


If you are planning a very elegant event, you will want to choose a place that offers an elegant atmosphere. There are banquet halls that are more informal, and there are many that are very formal. Some are in between. You will need to choose the type of atmosphere you are looking for when you choose one for your event. If it is for a child's birthday party, elegance is probably not the top thing you are looking for. You might prefer finding a place that offers a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. For a wedding reception, a formal place is usually what is desired.

Outdoor Venues

If you would like to have your gathering someplace different from the normal type of venue, you might want to look into outdoor banquet halls. Although an outdoor hall might not really be a hall, it will be a place that offers accommodations for parties. This is a great option during months where the weather is nice. There are places such as flower gardens or butterfly gardens that offer these types of services.


Some people are extremely concerned with the environment. A person like this would probably look into the environmental philosophies of the hall. They would look for a place that promotes "green" business ethics and practices, and a business that is involved in reducing waste and recycling.

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