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What Is A Fine Dining Restaurant?

Fine dining is a term that is bantered around and sometimes can be as vague as the word quality. What is quality to one may be average to another. The same with fine dining. To some a fine dining restaurant may be any restaurant that offers table service. To those who enjoy upscale dining, they know it is a restaurant that has a well-known chef, superb service, distinctive wine selection, expert sommelier and food that is a culinary delight.

Some fine dining restaurants specialize in a particular ethnic cuisine like French, Greek or Italian whereas one that wants to appeal to a larger customer base may have the chef prepare entrees that borrow from one or more areas and combine the flavors with more popular regional offerings. There can be fine dining restaurants that serve only prime steaks in the red meat selections and offer the same fresh fish dishes found in a seafood restaurant. It is all about selection and preparation.

An upscale restaurant that serves prime steaks may offer a customer a special cut that it grilled to perfection. In addition they may have chef specialties that use prime beef as the main ingredient. Chateaubriand comes to mind. It is not new by any means and has been a holiday staple in upscale dining for years. The main ingredient is a generous portion of filet mignon for two and each chef makes his own mark on this dish with different wines and seasonings.

The same can be said for a fine dining restaurant that serves fresh fish that would be the only staple in a seafood restaurant. If a diner does not like seafood, he or she can order beef or fowl in the upscale restaurant. But if the customer does enjoy fresh bounty from the ocean, he may order a whole main lobster that has been selected fresh from a tank. However, the chef may have other dishes on the menu that contain lobster like thermidor or a soup like lobster bisque.

Many people like to enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner but are embarrassed to order anything because they are not sure what type of wine goes well with the diners that have been ordered. This is where an on-site professional sommelier is invaluable. He never demeans the customer in any way. He makes educated "suggestions" on particular wines and the best vintages. Generally he will ask the party of they enjoy a dry or sweet wine or if they have any preferences.

If the food is excellent and the wine is good, bad service can ruin the best of meals. Good upscale restaurants will have a highly trained wait staff that is efficient not only is taking orders and ensuring they are correct, but also maintaining a clean table, refreshing beverages and being on hand for any special requests.

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