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What Is The Best Steak At A Prime Steakhouse?

First of all, when you visit a Prime Steakhouse you are guaranteed that all steaks on the menu will be top of the line. Only those fine dining restaurants that claim to serve prime steaks are actually serving USDA Prime Beef which is only the top 2% of the country's total beef production. This isn't to say that the other 98% is bad. Far from it. What is being said that only the very best meat that can be purchased will be sold at a prime steakhouse.

At the very top of the beef pyramid is the filet. You may see it advertised as a filet, filet mignon or tenderloin. It is comes from the short loin section of the cow and is indeed the most tender of all the cuts. Because the area itself is non-weight bearing, it is not toughened by exercise. Many prime steakhouses offer a petite filet and then a larger selection. For some, a 6-ounce portion is sufficient whereas others will have a heartier appetite and want a larger cut. The good news for a filet connoisseur, it is surprisingly low in calories and fat content as compared to other cuts of beef. And for the carb-conscious, without condiments, there are no carbs. Some of the better prime steakhouses sell filets of different sizes and also with and without bone.

It may be that the T-bone steak is next in the hierarchy because it has two different cuts of meat from the most tender part of the short loin. On the larger meat side will be a cut called a 'strip' and the other side will be a small filet. T-bone steaks are generally considered one of the highest quality steaks ranking just below the single filet. Those that really love their steak enjoy the T-bone because it can come in a very thick and hardy cut. There is plenty of meat for the carnivore.

Most of your better prime steakhouses will trim excess fat from their ribeye steaks. These are also called boneless prime rib. Interesting, while this steak is not quite as tender as the filet, it has more taste. Some individuals want a huge cut of ribeye that can weigh almost an entire pound. That is a lot of mouth-watering goodness for the steak aficionado.

What about the Kansas City Strip steak? This cut is well-marbled and is from the larger end of short loin. It is a very flavorful piece of meat. Kansas City has always been known for great beef and is one of the states that provide the authentic USDA Prime Beef. Gourmet Sleuth's Guide to Beef Cuts says that a strip steak can be either bone-in or boneless. On the other hand, the Cook's Thesaurus singles out the shell steak as being the boneless version (implying that the KC strips are bone-in).

No matter the cut of meat, if it's a prime cut of meat, rest assured knowing that your dining on the best. So, next time you go out to a steak restaurant, live a little and be sure to go to a prime steakhouse. Your taste buds will thank you.

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