Sunday, February 8, 2015

When It Comes to Wine, Don't Let Others Dictate What You Should Drink!

Are you among the masses out there thinking that you can't chose wine yourself? Do you rely on critics, wine sales professionals, or friends tell you what to drink... instead of seeking guidance from them based on what you prefer?

There no subtle distinction there. Either the wine is chosen for their taste or its chosen for your taste. And chances are, your tastes and personal preferences will differ.

Avoid the trap of listing to other people's wine suggestions without taking your own taste into account.


Well let's look at it this way: you don't lack confidence when someone asks you what toppings you want on your pizza. So why should you defer to other people's personal taste when it comes to picking a wine for you to drink?

Somewhere along the way you've been mislead. Somehow you came to believe that wine was someone else's game, and you were just there as an observer.

One likely culprit might be those 100 point scale wine rating systems. Just because one wine got 94 points and another got 89 points doesn't mean that you'll like the higher scoring one better.

So how do you overcome this trap, and start trusting yourself more than others?

The simplest way to begin is to pay attention to your own loves and dislikes. Try lots of different wines with an open mind, and register what you like and don't like about them.

Then use this knowledge to ask others to help guide you down the paths you prefer.

No need to get too technical here. Just use simple language.

"Hey, I really loved that Chilean Merlot I drank the other night. It was mildly fruity but didn't really dry out my mouth like some other wines. Got any other suggestions for things I should try like that?"

And if you choose to read reviews and let professional critics guide you, invest a little time and energy in figuring out which ones have tastes that align with yours. Remember that criticism is mostly subjective. You probably have your favorite movie critics, why not find a favorite wine critic.

There are tons of traps out there you can fall into when it comes to wine and wine drinking, but the top one to avoid is thinking you don't know enough to make decisions for yourself. The truth is that you know more about your own palate and your own preferences than anyone else.
Don't shortchange yourself.

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