Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hautvillers Abbey: Birthplace of Champagne

Inspiration, creation and sharing have always been the driving forces in the destiny of the Abbey of Saint Pierre d'Hautvillers. Over the centuries, this exceptional building has witnessed the passing of both the powerful and the humble; it has lived on its own local scale all the vicissitudes of the History of France.

This is the place where Dom Pierre Pérignon dedicated 47 years of his life to invent and perfect the techniques to create a wine whose reputation knows no equal. Perched on a rolling hill overlooking the Marne Valley in the heart of the Champagne region, the Benedictine abbey is the place where he pursued his mission to create "the best wine in the world."

Today, the heritage that Dom Pérignon receives never prevents the expression of its creation. Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave, finds here the inspiration to create the Dom Pérignon Vintages.

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