Monday, January 21, 2019

Discover Vezer Family Vineyard

Vezér Family Vineyard is a Suisun Valley Winery owned by Frank and Liz Vezér. Their winery is best known for its Petite Sirah and Zinfandel, which are rated among the best in the region, and are used in well-known wines, such as Sin Zin and Ravenswood.

Located in the heart of Suisun Valley, next to the historic Mankas Corner, Vezer Family Vineyard's Mankas Gardens offers beautiful outdoor garden seating and private tastings in its Legacy room. Taste the Vezer family's award-winning wines while admiring all the natural beauty the valley has to offer.

Mankas Gardens is one of three Vezer properties in Suisun Valley. The majestic Blue Victorian Winery is also open daily, and the family's ranch estate is open by appointment only. The Vezérs host fun and entertaining events year-round, including the VezerStock concert series, a spring bridal faire, wine-release parties, paint

The Vezérs present a unique wine tasting experience here in Suisun Valley. In addition to the Legacy room at Mankas Gardens, the Blue Victorian offers barrel blending and tours. The Vezér family practices the 1938 approach to their winemaking, which was born with Frank Vezér’s father, Frank Vezér II. This method consists of balancing opposing elements to create wines that are dynamic, complex, and embody the classical ideals that define the world’s finest wines.

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